The Lakes

written work

love of the lakes


lake district

The lakes are lovely

at any time of year.

in winter frosts and snows,

and sparkling summer air.

spring and autumn have their places too.

the autumn mists,

and springtime gifts,

that speak of all things new.


 In a gentle golden rain,

autumn comes again.

while leaves lie thick and deep,

nature quietly falls asleep.


 Winter snows lie still and deep,

and cover the earth in innocence.

 in the quiet night

when the stars shine bright,

you can hear the sound of silence.


Spring warms the earth,

the hills are green again.

and nature brings new birth,

and hope begins to reign.


In summers lazy days,

over valleys deep, and tops up high.

clouds sail through the sky,

like ships with sails unfurled,

and the sun smiles on perfect world.


I love Lakes in all their ways,

and I love to wander there.

for the  Lakes are lovely

in any time of year.


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