Dear Friend

How are you? t’s been a while since I last wrote to you. I know that it is coming up to February, and I was thinking about about the new year and the resolutions that people make. Then by this time people get all guilty because they haven’t kept them.

I have to confess I only made one resolution. I resolved not to make resolutions. I know that that is cheating. but, we can get into all sorts of anxieties and guilty feelings because we think we failed.

I believe that the word resolution is wrong. A more correct word might be intention, wish or hope. The word resolution implies an “or else” command on us.

The truth is that, unless we think we are perfect, we would all like to improve in one way or another. But we need to remember that we are fallible normal people who do make mistakes. who do not always live up to our good intentions.

That does not matter. What matters is we have tried.

It is said that road to perfection might be paved with failure, but it is also paved with forgiveness.

The Lord forgives us when we fail. we should learn to forgive ourselves.

Don’t give up, keep trying. You’ll get there. Oh and have some fun doing it.

Yours in Christ.


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