The Tail of Emily the Dahcshund

Good friend would you give me

just a moment of your time

and listen to my plea

you like to take a little walk with me,

and would wonder to and fro,

and chat to those those we know.

please remember You may have two legs

and I have four

but mine are so much shorter.

would you kindly walk a little slower.

you stride so firmly on

and I come waddling after.

you seem so very strong,

and I a cause for laughter.

On sunny days we stroll along.

enjoying the summer air.

but when winter comes

that’s quite different affair====.

when rain falls, or snow piles deep

you step so easily over.

and I struggle through the frozen drifts,

and my bottom feels on fire.

I wish that I were just s little higher

Good friend, please remember

when you go for walks.

that I am down below.

and think of this

Your troubles might  

be all before you,

but mine are all behind me.

W. R. Turner.

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