the God who loves me


I wandered weary and lost

through loneley streets

in winter frost,

and summer heat.

A long hard road i walked.

Cold it was and dreary.

I struggled on .afraid and weary.

Why me,I cried?

What have I done?

No one answered

I was all alone.

I walked oh in and pain.

If I could find an answer,

I would be free again.

As I walked one day

along a loneley lane.

I came across a chapel,

just atanding ine the rain

Hanging on the wall

was a tattered little sign.

all torn it was,

and covered all in grime.

I walked over to see

what it could be.

The words were simple,

but they seemed

to speak to me.

It said for all to see,

your God loves you.

Who is this God,

I thought?

And why should

He love me?

Where is this God,

I wondered>

and where could He be?

So I set out to search.

To find the God who loves me.

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