hallo my friend

Hallo my friend; it’s been a while since we last had a chat.
Anyway I thought I would tell you about my last venture into my site. When I took a good look at it, I thought, whata mess, this needs tidying up. Quite how I’ll manage that I don’t know. I’ll have to get some nice person to show me how it’s done.

But anyway what I’m really writing about is the mistakes we make, and don’t even notice. I was looking through my old posts, and I came across a couple that surprised me. I thought to myself, did you really write that? Since they were on my site. I suppose I must have. To put it bluntly I did not like them very much. Still, what’s done is done and can’t be undone. but sometimes we can put it right. Sometimes we have to put it behind us and move on. but it can always be forgiven.

I must admit. I don’t like it much when I get it wrong. But then, I am a fallible human being and I sometimes get it wrong. Being a Christian does not mean that I am perfect. Perhaps some people are. Unfortunately I am not. Lets say I’m a work in progress. The mistakes I make are not things to be proud of. But they are things to learn from.

One of my favourite books in the Bible is the book of Acts. I have heard it said that it was a wonderful time when everything was perfect. I am not sure I agree with that. What I love about those early Christians is their humanity. They argued they disagreed, they got it wrong, they made mistakes. But at the same time they new that Jesus was their Lord. They were open to the spirits teaching and guidance. Their faith and trust in the Lord helped live through hard times. Their faith in the Lord helped them carry the Gospel around their world.

You know what I have found? don’t live in fear of getting it wrong. Trust that if you do, you have a heavenly Father who loves you. Trust and aim to do your best. After all. If you aim for nothing, you will achieve nothing. I was once asked, are you a practising Christian? Of course I am. Who knows, one day I’ll get it right.

Anyway nice chatting with you.
See you mate/

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