As you know it will soon be Advent. When we prepare for the coming of our Lord at Christmas. As I thought about this, I thought my childhood in East London. Of course for a child Christmas meant Presents round the tree at teatime in my Grandmother’s living room. Of course before that there was waking up to to presents in my Christmas stocking left by Santa. Actually, my Christmas stocking was an old pillow case. Not that it was full of course.

While I was thinking about this. I thought about what Christmas really meant to people. I don’t suppose that people pay much attention to the meaning of Christmas. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t seem to hear carols sung anymore. Unless you are a church goer that is. Carols don’t seem to be played as much as they used to be.

It’s strange how things change. When I was a youngster carols were played all the time, and everywhere. People knew them by heart. Even if they were not church goers, they knew all the carols and would sing them. This made me think about what Christmas really meant. Because, in my opinion, the carols tell the Christmas story. They tell us who Jesus was and what he would do and be. You can look it up if you like, but all His names and what He would do are Biblical.

Redeemer King Emmanuel

We all celebrate Christmas in different ways don’t we. I had a friend from Sydney in Australia. She told me how they have a B.B.Q on the beach. I don’t think I’ll try that in this country. I shall probably scoff the last mince pie. Relax over a glass of sherry, sorry non drinkers, and think about what I really got for Christmas.


Anyway, if I don’t see you before , and to use an old greeting. I wish you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year

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