my old fort

Have you ever had one of those boring days? You know , you feel listless and you want to do something, but you don’t know what. nothing seems to interest you. And you are just fed up.
I remember years ago I had one of those days. I was so bored, I even got bored with annoying my sister, much to her relief.
As I roamed around the house looking for I don’t know what. I fetched up in my bedroom. It was a small garret like room stuck up in the corner of the house. I liked it. There wasn’t much in there just the usual bed and cupboards and things. But under the window was a large chest like box. In it I kept my old toys and odd bits and pieces that boys collect over the years. With nothing better to do I decided to have a rummage in the old chest.

I found all sorts of toys and games that I had forgotten about. I even found some things I’d best not mention. It’s amazing what boys collect. Anyway, as I rummaged through the chest, I found my old fort. My grandfather made it for me. He served in the Royal Navy in both world wars. When I knew him, He was a trombone player in the Salvation Army When he died he left me his medals. Sadly they were stolen. I often wonder if I can get replicas of them.

sorry I’m going off the subject. Back to my old fort. The base was a box with little pin holes in it. The towers and the walls and battlements had little pins underneath so that you could stick them anywhere on the base. Health and safety would not have approved. But I loved it. I had spent many a happy hour fighting and , of course winning. many battles.

I thought to myself. How could I have forgotten my old friend? But life is like that. We move on we grow and change. And we forget. Perhaps some things are best forgotten. But there are some things that it is good to remember. We can do this with people too. Old friends get left behind and new ones come along.
Do we do that with our Lord? have we left Him behind? Is He tucked away in a little box somewhere in our minds? Perhaps we need to look sometimes and find Him again. If we have left Him behind somewhere. I’m sure He will forgive us and help us renew our relationship with Him. After all He does love us.

Well anyway. it’s been nice chatting with you. I’m off. I might have lost my old fort. But I still have games to play. See you around.

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