Is it true

And is it true?

A stranger died for me?

  A man I never knew

gave his life for me?

What did I ever do?

That a stranger set me free

And saved a life like mine?

What grace is this

That loves a man like me

What gift is this that’s given

That gave new life to me?

What could I ever do

To pay the life I owe?

How do I thank him

A man I do not know ?

I can never earn the love i’m given

Or claim a place in heaven

The only thanks that I can give

Is to accept his gift with grace

and live a life of thankful praise.


3 thoughts on “Is it true

  1. Wow. I absolutely LOVE this! How beautiful! Indeed, He only wants our hearts of love and praise. Our relationship with Him is all He asks. Obedience comes out of the love we experience spending time in His presence. 🙏🏼

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      1. Aw! You are so extremely kind! Thank you! That means more than I can say! We are our own worst critics entirely too often and I am 100% guilty of listening to that old, tired inner critic. Reading what you said gives me encouragement to keep pushing on! 🙏🏼


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