hullo my friend.

I’m a bit confused. Perhaps you can help?
I’m having a bit of trouble with Easter Sunday. There is a lovely old a hymn that contains the words. “Up from the grave He arose. With a mighty o’er His foes” R Lowry (1826-99) I am sure that that is a lovely old hymn: but I don’t get it. I am sure that there must have been great celebration as our Lord returned hoe after His sacrifice that brought salvation to the lost. What kind of joy was there when He claimed His throne, and place as Loed of Lords?
My problem is that there might have been triumph in heaven. But I don’t see that on earth. I don’t see a Napoleon, or any of the great emperors and kings arriving in triumph: with their great host of followers. What I saw was a lowly gardener comforting a grieving woman.

Now don’t get me wrong. By saying lowly, I do not mean to Imply that a gardener is in some way an inferior person. In fact I admire people who can work with their hands. who can make and grow beautiful things. Give me a set of tools and i’ll do myself a serious injury.

The point is that in those days, and not so long ago either. A gardener would have been a servant , and a pretty lowl;y one at that. Yet here is our Lord appearing to Mary as a gardener.

Just to go off the subject for the moment. I’m often intrigued by what happened in the tomb. The question was once aked “Who moved the stone?” My question is. Who folded the cloth? John 20- 7. The place was surrounded by guards. No one could get in without being seen. Yet somebody folded the cloth. The only person who could have folde the cloth was the man who was alredy in the tomb. But He’d been crucified. Perhaps i’m just being stupid and there is an obvious explanation. If there is, would someone please tell me.

Anyway, back to the subject. As I was saying I did not see a great king or emperor in the garden. What I did see was a gardener comforting a grieving woman. there is an old saying. ” Start as you mean to go on” It seems to me that the gardener is the Jesus who washed His disciples feet at the last supper.

the way Jesus spoke of Hie disciples was telling. He did not tell Mary to and tell His subjects or His servants. He said go and tell my brothers. John 20- 17. So she went and tild the disciples. Was she the first evangelist?

In another Gospel Jesus says to tell the disciples, and Peter. Was this a special message to Peter? This was the man who denied Him three times. I believe that Jesus is telling Peter that has forgiven him. This is special good news for people like me who have let Him down. If we are truly sorry. He will forgive us. A broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise. Psalm 51 -7.

well I’ve been rabbiting on again. so I’ll shut up. When you get the chance. Perhaps you can explain it all to me.

It’s been nice chatting with you. See you around mate.

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