hello my friend we meet again

I think it means preparation or getting ready for the arrival of someone important.

\I sometimes wonder if people understand what advent really means.

Sometimes the way people prepare for the arrival of someone can be very serious or utterly ridiculous.

For example; I remember that wonderful song from the musical Godspell.

The song was ” Prepare ye the way of the Lord” This was about being

prepared for the arrival of the Lord Jesus. A very serious event.

On the other hand, you get the ridiculous situation in Walt Disney’s

Alice in Wonderland, where you find the playing cards painting the

roses red because the queen does not like white roses.

It is one thing to make sure that everything is just right for the

arrival of an important person. But sometimes I think we can

go too far. I sometimes wonder if Her Majesty thinks that the world

smells of fresh paint.

Many years ago I worked on the platforms of a certain railway station.

Her Majesty was expected to arrive at or pass through the station.

On the platforms were inspection covers for cables that were running

under the platforms.

These were only a few inches deep. nonetheless certain people

cams along and welded the covers shut. I have a vivid

picture in my mind of two inch high terrorists leaping out of the

inspection covers and attacking Her Majesty’s ankles.

it might have frightened the corgis but not much else.

This sort of preparation is about the physical arrival of

someone important. I think that the bible speaks about advent

as a spiritual preparation. preparing our hearts and minds

for the arrival of the Son of God. This goes far beyond

putting on a show. We are not preparing for for the arrival of

some ordinary human just like us. But he is the Son of God

come to put right that which was wrong.

To restore us to our rightful place as the Children of God.

Therefore advent,as i understand it, is a time of spiritual preparation.

Waiting for our Lord to come and redeem us.

At least I hope that makes sense.

If I am wrong just remember I am an idiot.

Nice talking to you again. see you around.



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