hallo my friend

Hallo my friend; it’s been a while since we last had a chat.
Anyway I thought I would tell you about my last venture into my site. When I took a good look at it, I thought, whata mess, this needs tidying up. Quite how I’ll manage that I don’t know. I’ll have to get some nice person to show me how it’s done.

But anyway what I’m really writing about is the mistakes we make, and don’t even notice. I was looking through my old posts, and I came across a couple that surprised me. I thought to myself, did you really write that? Since they were on my site. I suppose I must have. To put it bluntly I did not like them very much. Still, what’s done is done and can’t be undone. but sometimes we can put it right. Sometimes we have to put it behind us and move on. but it can always be forgiven.

I must admit. I don’t like it much when I get it wrong. But then, I am a fallible human being and I sometimes get it wrong. Being a Christian does not mean that I am perfect. Perhaps some people are. Unfortunately I am not. Lets say I’m a work in progress. The mistakes I make are not things to be proud of. But they are things to learn from.

One of my favourite books in the Bible is the book of Acts. I have heard it said that it was a wonderful time when everything was perfect. I am not sure I agree with that. What I love about those early Christians is their humanity. They argued they disagreed, they got it wrong, they made mistakes. But at the same time they new that Jesus was their Lord. They were open to the spirits teaching and guidance. Their faith and trust in the Lord helped live through hard times. Their faith in the Lord helped them carry the Gospel around their world.

You know what I have found? don’t live in fear of getting it wrong. Trust that if you do, you have a heavenly Father who loves you. Trust and aim to do your best. After all. If you aim for nothing, you will achieve nothing. I was once asked, are you a practising Christian? Of course I am. Who knows, one day I’ll get it right.

Anyway nice chatting with you.
See you mate/


we do not celebrate

On the eleventh day of November
at the eleventh hour.
We give thanks for,
and honour those who served our
country in war.
We do not celebrate war
We remember those who have died
in places unknown..
There they will lie
and never come home.
We do not celebrate war.
We give thanks for
and remember those who’s
bodies were broken,,
and will never be the same.
We do not celebrate war.
We give thanks for
and remember those
who’s minds have been
and will never be free
from the sights they
have seen.
We do not celebrate war.
we rmember those who are
left behind to grieve. for their
their lost ones.
and their pain will
never leave.
We do not celebrate war.
We give thanks for,
and remember those
who have served, and still
serve. to keep us free.
We do not celebrate war.

the mighty bun

In London town there are many secrets.
Gardens and courtyards
in hidden places.

In one of these gardens there lived a cat called Tom,
He was a fighter of some renown.

He believed the garden was
his own.
and would watch over his little

Unknown to Tom a rabbit lived there too.
his name was Bun and he would often nibble on a leaf or two

As Bun hopped to his
favourite spot.
He swa Tom lying in
the sun.

This won’t do,, thought Bun
what’s this mangy moggy
doing here.
So he hopped across to tom
and smacked round
the ear.

Tom shot up with a look
deep surprise.
This is the day, hissed Tom
that a rabbit dies.

They fought a mighty
Each thinking that he
was right.

No quarter asked and none
was given.
In fighting skill they were
fairly even.

It is said that you cannot tell if a cat is male or female.
When Bun caught Tom beneath tail,
he discovered ne was male

So they fought that long
hard day,
neither surrendered or
gave way.

Till, at last when the day
was done,
tom conceded to the mighty bun.

They agreed that they would keep a truce.
That they allow each other
the gardens use.

Tom kept to his place.
and so did Bun.
Now the fight was over
and the battle won.

Bun was victorious, and had won his right
No one could deny
his might.

Good friends. if you’d excuse an awful pun.
when next you go to London town. Beware the
Chelsea Bun.

the God who loves me. six

Could I find my God 
at last.
could I live down
my past?
 "The past is the past let
it go,
His love is greater than
you know"

"The past might not be
but it can be

"You might remember
But you cannot live in

"your God forgives
you need forgive yourself

"Just trust that this is
that your God loves

"Accept this truth and live
in it.
let the past go
and forgive it."

"I have and I do"
I cried.
"He said welcome home"
and He died.

At last I could
that I'd found the God who
loves me.

the god who loves me. five

We only know in part
not the whole.
who He is we can never

none can know Him
but all can trust Him
We can say His different
but He is still the

God is still God and whatever
you do,
He will always love

But what of those who seem
so glad,
but others seem
so sad?

not all can believe the love they
are given..
Some cannot accept they
are forgiven.

you cannot earn your place
in heaven,
be glad for what you are

But what of those
who say
to be like them is the
only way.

The man said this is not
God made you to be

You may learn from others
it’s true.
you can copy what they

But you will always
be you;
be yourself nothing else will

So at last I began to
that I might find the God who
loves me.