the God who loves me. three.

So I wandered on to
if I could find the God who
loves me.

As I wandered on from town to
I saw some things that made

I saw some people sing with
and I aw some sit and

I thought why are some so
and others seem so

why does their God give one
and deny the same to

wondering why this should
I met some strangers who welcomed

I asked them if I could find the
God who loves me.
They smiled and said you’ll Find him soon,
you’ll See.

Others did not agree. They looked
down on me.
They thought themselves better
than me.

I asked why did they see themselves
in such a way.
They said there are rules that You
must obey

You must speak the way
we do.
And do things our
way too.

I found this hard to
to see.
can’t God love me
just for me?

So I set out to
If I could find the God who
loves me.



the God who loves me. two

So I wandered on

to see

if I could find the God

Who loves me.

.As I walked I heard voices


and the sound of music


in every church the music


and everywhere tyhe people


but something puzzled


something strange I couldn’t


if their God was just the


why did each give Him a different name?.

how many Gods are there

I thought

would I find the God

I sought?

I thpught that I would for those

who know.

They ewould show me where

to go.

I searched in the halls

of academe

where the lofty

towers dream.

It was woundrous

to hear

the words that were

spoken there..

Incarnation was said


and incarnation.

spun in my head.

Their knowledge was grand

to see.

but then I thought could such a GOd

love me?

I left them in their tower in

the sky

To discourse upon the whichness

of the why.

So I wandered on to

to see

if I could find the God

who loves me.

the God who loves me


I wandered weary and lost

through loneley streets

in winter frost,

and summer heat.

A long hard road i walked.

Cold it was and dreary.

I struggled on .afraid and weary.

Why me,I cried?

What have I done?

No one answered

I was all alone.

I walked oh in and pain.

If I could find an answer,

I would be free again.

As I walked one day

along a loneley lane.

I came across a chapel,

just atanding ine the rain

Hanging on the wall

was a tattered little sign.

all torn it was,

and covered all in grime.

I walked over to see

what it could be.

The words were simple,

but they seemed

to speak to me.

It said for all to see,

your God loves you.

Who is this God,

I thought?

And why should

He love me?

Where is this God,

I wondered>

and where could He be?

So I set out to search.

To find the God who loves me.

Chaunticlair the cock

Chaunticlair the cock

left his pen one day.

he got into the chicken coop

and offended all the hens.

oh what a riot there was

and how the feathers flew.

the chickens did not make a fuss

they even formed a queue.

they flew and fluttered

all around the coop

and chaunticlair gave chase

it was a merry race

all the chickens had a busy time

as they danced around the floor

and every one had their turn

but some came back for more

some might complain

about such a merry do

but nature is as nature does

and it’s what a cock will do.


chaunticlair the cock

poem about a cock and chickens


sleeping beauty

she lies in beauty

deep in sleep,

and i in silent

wonder weep,

that i could be

so blessed

to lie beside such


lying in quiet rest.

could nature by itself

create such grace

or did a firmer hand


such a glorious line.

Silver light shines on grace

and I in silent wonder


as beauty lies